iPhone XR – 10 TIPS & TRICKS!

The iPhone XR is proving to be a popular phone for users of older devices like the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8. Many of these users are new to the gesture based, home button-less iPhone X style of phone. Therefore, I made a tips & tricks video covering some of my favorite iPhone XR features that should be helpful to newcomers of this Phone. Including tips for portrait mode, Face ID, Face ID appearances, attention aware features, and adding a virtual home button.

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38 Replies to “iPhone XR – 10 TIPS & TRICKS!”

  1. Patricia Muir

    I miss the "Home" button for holding down and seeing all the open apps. Then it was easy to swipe each app to close. The XR has a very twitchy swipe for seeing open apps. Any suggestions on a hack?

  2. Claire Marena

    I can easily spend money for an Iphone XS or XS max but I am choosing the XR, I just love everything about it and dont need to have the 2 cameras, or a crazy display, the iphone XR seems amazing and not that much different from the others, I am upgrading from a 6, can't wait!

  3. MrBojangles

    Greg how can you quickly unlock new iPhones when the phone is lying flat on a table? With previous iPhones, its very quick as you simply put a finger on the sensor. Now, must you actually pick it up and look at it? If so, seems awfully inconvenient.

  4. Brian De Jesus Morales

    Not even have to tap to wake if you have the Face ID once you grab the phone it wakes. Also, I have both setting for the Face ID and it works perfect with me. I can unlock my phone even when I have my sun glasses and the require attention for Face ID is on.

  5. Erion desku

    You can get it the “Halide Camera” for free with Tutuapp. You can find it by installing in Google…
    It works in Ios and in Android..
    Glad to help ?

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