iPhone XR Hands-On LIVE

Take a hands-on look at the new iPhone XR, Apple’s replacement for the iPhone 8 series. The company is ditching its old look (and the home button) and bringing the iPhone X’s design to a lower $749 price point. The iPhone XR swaps out the OLED panel for an LCD panel that Apple calls Liquid Retina, but includes the same wide-angle camera as the iPhone XS / XS Max.

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36 Replies to “iPhone XR Hands-On LIVE”

  1. oplix

    Most advanced LCD ever? Is that a joke? No 3d touch, low PPI density. What is so advanced about it? That they put a notch on it?

  2. Esteban Nicolas Rincon

    I think the fact that it doesn’t have 3D Touch it’s not because of cost. The iPhone 6S was the first iPhone with 3D Touch which was $649. I think the reason it doesn’t have 3D Touch is because the display is almost edge to edge display and the display folds on bottom and top just like the X/XS.

  3. Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας

    Even though it has 828 x 1792 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~326 ppi density), it's still has his benefits. For example, the chipset (A12) will use less power to power the screen since it's a LCD display, so the battery will last longer. Also, the iPhone SE has lower pixels (640 x 1136 pixels). It's way smaller yes, but that's not the point. The point is it can still watch 1080p videos. Even though the screen could looked better, it still has a awesome camera, one of the best chipset out there, amazing OS, better optimization, etc.

  4. ponthea

    I’m the only one who actually wants this phone? If you have the X I recommend not getting the Xr but since I’m upgrading from a 5 it seems like a good choice. Idk do whatever you want you don’t need someone telling you on what you should and don’t do…

  5. claudiusxyx

    What most people don't understand (uploader included) is that XR was not really conceived as a "budget choice".
    In fact, it kinda can be considered as an 'iPhone 9', since it costs less than the XS/Max model and it's a good compromise, but it's not anyway comparable to iPhone 5C, which was really conceived as a "budget phone" in the Apple collection and it had the same hardware characteristics of the devices released the year before. On the other hand, iPhone XR has literally the same hardware of XS and not 8.

  6. Yyryju Jbgimj

    I would like to understand something. When the iPhone 8 came out, nobody complained. Now the iPhone xr is coming out, it seems like the scum fell on the ground. Be consistent.

  7. King Limak

    Hey guys I have the SE and want to upgrade. I want the best bang for my buck. I’m thinking either the 8, X, or XR. What are your thoughts ? Cheers

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