iPhone XR Long-Term Review | Worth it in 2019?

I’ve been using Apple’s iPhone XR since the October launch and here’s my 2019 re-review almost six months later. Is it worth the £749 UK asking price, what are the main issues and what’s the final verdict on the speed, camera tech, battery life and beyond, compared with the best Android rivals?

You may not get the telephoto lens of the XS model, but the ‘more affordable’ iPhone XR can still capture great-looking photos and 4K video with its single lens snapper. For an everyday camera phone, I still give it a thumbs up. Likewise, the performance and battery life are as strong as day one – countless updates haven’t degraded the everyday experience.

Apple’s design seemed rather dated at the time of launch and now that chunky frame and those thick bezels seem even more ridiculous compared with some £200 Android phones. I’m also still seeing WiFi problems with the iPhone XR in 2019, while iOS 12 isn’t as enjoyable as Android 9.

Have you been using this handset? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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30 Replies to “iPhone XR Long-Term Review | Worth it in 2019?”

  1. Michal Polak

    When I had issues with my wifi connectivity and random disconnects, it turned out my network's name must have been too long. One day, I changed the name to a much shorter one, and the suddenly connectivity issues ceased to exist.

  2. Winnie Yao

    I love my XR. Only thing I hate is that the camera sticks out the back so I have to keep a case on it or else I’d go case less. The phone is big as it is and the case just makes it bigger.

  3. Aj

    So I have had this phone for over month and it is the best phone ever a good price works well and does what I want with a phone.

  4. 1 2

    My XR is kickass! I get my pictures printed out at Walgreens and they look professional!! I love the camera. That’s the only reason I bought it. Xs is not as good as the XR

  5. KB Eightyseven

    Do we really need titles or videos like this? Of course it’s worth it, it’s literally the current model, unless you want to spend £1000 then it’s the only model worth buying unless you want an older model?!

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