iPhone XR price reduction + iPhone X reborn?

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20 Replies to “iPhone XR price reduction + iPhone X reborn?”

  1. paRRap

    still happy with my 6S, 3 years old, got a new battery last month and it is working just fine, as long as it lives i wont upgrade

  2. Ev'ixyn

    If this is true as an early adopter of the X R I am sad and I want a refund or pay less on my contract. T mobile can fuck it, nu? I could had Imported phone from Japan ;-;

  3. Ifollowmusic1

    I have an iPhone & live in the states so before I say this: I, MYSELF, fall into this category.
    People overseas all have everything BUT apple. In the states we’re sheep when it comes to phones.
    The vast majority don’t look at the specs & just buy because their friends have or because their favorite has them. It was all done by great marketing, in the grand scheme of things apple is always years behind, technologies wise, so realistically why do we spend premium on entry level service? Cause it’s cool. iMessage? Cool. Animoji? Cool. Emojis? Cool. The sleek design? Cool. FaceTime? Cool.
    You get the idea… we’re sheep. iPhones overall are good, but there’s definitely BETTER for half the price.

  4. sextionmirror

    Its all about marketing Apple reduce XR so many people feel ugly about this phone so they afraid to buy it. Apple should fix their product line to normal just let the premium phone only 1 years ago (iphone x) and stop being greedy to profit.

  5. BebéTechManiac 2018

    That lowering sales is not occurring with Huawei… even that stupid banning shit in US. Huawei sales are growing, and growing, that's why they said… we can wait US be prepared to accept the Huawei products.

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