iPhone XR Review: From Android to iOS

Last year I ran Android, this year I’m running iOS. In this review of the iPhone XR, I discuss some of the phone’s most controversial aspects, how they affect (or don’t) real life performance, and talk about the pros and cons of switching from Android to iOS. Or the other way around. Be free like me ✌️

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48 Replies to “iPhone XR Review: From Android to iOS”

  1. Get Nautical

    I had an xr and loved it. Great battery and ease I'd use. Traded it in for a galaxy s10 cause it was on sale cheaper and more features. Should've kept the xr for battery alone. Was an amazing phone

  2. Melanie

    I'm a fan of Android and iOS equally, but I've been using Android for about 3 years now so I'm ready for something new. I'll be getting the XR in two weeks. ? And coming from a OnePlus 5T I know the size will not be an issue lol

  3. Troy Cruz

    I’ve had the XR and loved it! I did trade it in for XS max because I wanted Oled screen and dual camera but the XR I would definitely recommend to anyone

  4. alex safir

    i had xr for 2 weeks and i give it back…now i have s10+,the screen is ok on xr but when you see a video or a movie,man you will be disapoited because on the market are a lot of devices and for me with that price you could have all.

  5. Bangdk

    i think that iphones are as good as android phones it just comes down to the os. My choice is apple because i have an apple watch that i really like

  6. Sreejita Bhowmik

    I have the exact two complaints with the XR .. I have small hands and I like small phones but i wanted to upgrade for other things like camera, speed etc and the XR is so big and same for the headphone jack its bugging me so much…to have to get a dongle and not sure if my bose headphones will perform the same with it

  7. Kevin Solgaard

    Got a Huawei P20 back in december, switching from my old iPhone 6S after 3 years. Really happy about the upgrade, but recently i tried playing around with my iPhone again, and i instantly felt like i wanted to stay on the old iPhone. I honestly think I’ll be selling the Huawei and start saving up for the XR.. no big complaints about the Huawei though, the overall user experience is just so damn smooth on the iPhone compared to the Huawei, even with the iPhone being three years older

  8. Mohamed Ezawi

    I have it. Excellent in every way, but coming from iPhone 5 the XR is heavy and big. I look forward to replacing it with iPhone XE 2 2019 (if the rumors are true).

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