iPhone XR review: The iPhone you should buy

The iPhone XR has only one rear camera and an LCD screen. But with a lot of the same features as the more expensive iPhone XS, Scott Stein thinks it’s the best of the bunch. Here’s why.

Watch our review of the iPhone XS and XS Max:

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26 Replies to “iPhone XR review: The iPhone you should buy”

  1. Devon Weddle

    I went with the 10s max for the bigger and better screen (I also didn’t want to lose the force touch) among other reasons but I don’t plan on upgrading for a few years. I want to run this phone to the ground before I upgrade again.

  2. Prokotaco

    Thanks for the review. I've recently switched over to MacBook and am considering changing over from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone… I might do it.

  3. kassy

    i was worried about not being able to view things in 1080p but then i realized i pretty much watch all youtube videos in 720p anyways so i’m not worried

  4. Elmar Basim

    IPhone did something clever with its design for the xr
    They made the color of the black bezel match the LCD black of the display
    So when you have blacks in the screen that contact the edges and meet the bezels you won't notice the diffrence

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