iPhone XR takes on the best Android phones of 2018

Michael Simon has called the iPhone XR Apple’s best iPhone ever, but how does it stack up against Android’s best – the Google Pixel 3XL, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and OnePlus 6T? This is the question he answers in the latest episode of Android Confidential.

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29 Replies to “iPhone XR takes on the best Android phones of 2018”

  1. alex safir

    First is weird when you buy it you think that the display is a trash?but is amazing.i make a lot of testes and colors look much good compare to oled but the luminosity is low -medium compare to oled or amoled but this is the reason the baterry is great at this phone and again the videos at 1080 look amazing and much natural colors.so i m proud of my red xr?apple again is the best ?

  2. Satrio Sukarno Atmosudirjo

    i only replace my phone if its getting too old or if it was too expensive to fix if i break it. few months ago my iphone 6 is getting really slow and i decided to replace the phone. i started to look at the mate 20 pro from huawei because i think that’s a really good phone, but i decided to get the Xr anyway because the software update. not dissapointed at all. i killed all my friend’s android phone easily

  3. Rodney Brown

    Wow, amazing information. I'm using an iPhone 6 plus and it's time to upgrade, Was thinking about the Note 9 and upcoming 10 but will now save my money and stay with Apple with the XR and then may sell later and get the Max.

  4. Parichay Bhowmik

    problem with benchmarks are dude! apple 's os z so rigid that you cant even use all the power you talk out!
    no multiple app opener in ios even in 2019! cmon ?
    i use oneplus for 3 years runs as good as present phones! they are way better nd more sensible buy than wasting 750$ on a so called budget phone!
    i cant still buy the fact of buying a 1000$ phone..coz budget phones are so awesome these days! you want gud pictures get a camera not a phone!
    but mac PC s nd mac os z great

  5. Albertico Maduro

    Well said. More then 10 years Android user, but 2 years ago tried the iPhone 7 and, I was blown away by the fast and accurate way that apps work on IOS. Later I switched again to Android because is all I know for years. But I'm thinking of switching again to the iPhone.

  6. Anant Desai

    Great video man! Watched this on my XR. No two things are exactly similar and there are some ups n downs. Its all about which specific feature you want… people dont understand that you dont get all the best or desired features in a single thing… In this video you clarified the best stuff of each device… keep it up man.

  7. Sophisticated Neanderthal

    Money review. All true. The XR isn't the best at any one feature, but a solid all around device. The 128gb XR is a sweet spot for many iOS people who want a less expensive, but solid, experience. After 10 years, I switched from Android (most recently Pixel 3XL) back to iOS (XS at first then and the XR) and my life hasn't changed for the better or worse because of the switch. Strangely, I'm enjoying being back on iOS. Maybe just because it's a change. Here's the thing, Apple makes good phones, Google makes good phones, Samsung makes good phones, as do many others. Pick the one you prefer and rock it. Debating the pros and cons is good, arguing about what is "best" is pointless because it's too subjective.

  8. Clint Gibbs

    As a Pixel 3 owner I think you pretty much nailed it. I've actually been debating switching to an iPhone after only being an Android user for many many years. Primary reason is that I'm having problems with 3rd party apps working while on my Pixel, such as Garmin connect, the GoPro app, some financial apps and other video editing apps.

  9. Simon van den H

    You are way too positive, I have the iPhone 8, but you have to look at the speed of the android devices not geekbench. Oneplus feels 3 times faster for example. Samsung Note also a great great phone. And yes the updates on ios are good, but in two years most people will change their phone.

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