iPhone XR vs 8 Plus – Real World Differences!

Is the iPhone XR really that big of an upgrade compared to the iPhone 8 Plus or any of the older iPhones? Let’s talk about all of the differences you’ll notice in everyday use.

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21 Replies to “iPhone XR vs 8 Plus – Real World Differences!”

  1. puki girl

    I just don't like that the xr literally looks like a cheap android phone unless you look closely. With an iphone 8 you can tell it is an iphone from a distance. Then I can quickly reply to messages in a redlight without lifting my phone with touch ID. If I did face ID in the middle of a light I would get a ticket for texting and driving. I don't get why they couldn't add the touch ID to the screen or to the back of the phone like other phones do. I think it's better to wait for September and see what the iphone will be like and if they reintroduce touch id and ideally a home button surrounded by screen space.

  2. Laura Cadiz

    I'm coming from an iPhone 5s and am not sure if I should buy the 8, the 8plus or the XR. I could get a refurbed 8plus for 500€. Has somebody a piece of advice?

  3. Soufflé Girl

    I don’t get the hate around the XR. Most respectable Tech Youtubers think it’s a great phone. I think the hate started with Unbox Therapy. That guy doesn’t even have the same knowledge as these Youtubers. He’s full of shit.

  4. c Los

    What if to upgrade they gave you a buy one get one free deal? Then would it be worth doing it? I currently have the 8 plus

  5. Static Ryan

    I been depressed for like 1 month now. This might sound dumb but its true, im depressed because i want a XR so bad and too bad i cant afford it. People at my school who i least expected to have a XR has one and they let me hold it and it makes me jealous. It

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