iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note 9 Speed Test

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Speed test between Apple iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to see if Apple’s budget smartphone is faster than Samsung’s best smartphone.

Speed Test Rankings:


iPhone XR – Apple A12 Bionic, 3 GB RAM, NVMe, iOS 12.0.1

Galaxy Note 9 – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 8 GB RAM, UFS 2.1, Android 8.1



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Version 2.6 of the speed test includes more improvements to the robot’s performance.

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iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note 9 Speed Test


24 Replies to “iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note 9 Speed Test”

  1. Filip Radulovic

    Why nobody talks about this RAM garbage on iPhone XR?
    I'm using XR and RAM management is complete garbage, can't keep 5 apps opened (basic apps) more than 20-30min without refreshing on the next opening.
    Same on 12.1.4 and 12.2
    This test shows the same.

  2. Koi fish gamer

    Note: i have a bad grammar I don't like these 2 phones but other people buy these phones because of there logo and popularity i don't even care about the logo and its popularity all i care is the specs

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