iPhone XR vs iPhone X

Apple iPhone XR vs iPhone X Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, S Pen, Battery & Price.
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The iPhone 10R features a 6.1″ Liquid Retina LCD Display, Apple A12 Bionic with upto 256GB Storage, IP67 Water & Dust Resistantance, comes in 6 colors (Red, Yellow, White, Coral, Black, Blue) 12MP rear camera with OIS, 7MP Selfie Camera, Face ID and is priced at £749/$749

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26 Replies to “iPhone XR vs iPhone X”

  1. jared briggs

    I personally have the iPhone X and I got the 256g for a great price. In the end your comparing flagship to non flagship like the SE vs the 6, it might have been newer but there is really no comparison in quality

  2. Verrat

    Incoming In-depth and honest review,

    Iphone XR is better than the X in more prevalent ways such as battery life, performance, larger screen and its cheaper! However if you need the dual camera (telephoto lens to zoom), 3d touch and oled screen then fair enough, choose the Iphone X. I am going to debate about the pros and cons of each device.

    Onto the most debated downside of the XR (the display) – Honestly the XR's display is just perfect, its a balance between performance and a beautiful display, why waste cpu, gpu and ram on a display which you wont being able to tell the difference from at normal viewing distance, eventhough i agree that OLED displays do look much more crisp and vibrant but cmon seriously you are not going to stick your face onto the screen while using your phone so you wont be able to tell the difference as much. I prefer the balance of the LCD screen, not forgetting to mention XR has the best LCD screen on market right now and Apple its known for making the best LCDs, but the same cannot be said for the OLED screens because Apple started using them just a year ago compared to LCDs which they have used since the start. This allows Apple to mitigate the downsides on LCD screens, such as not having deeper blacks to an extent that you wont even notice if the XR is an OLED screen or not, however since Apple is new to the OLED technology, they are not able to mitigate the downsides of OLED displays to the extent they are able to do so with their LCDs, so maybe in the future once Apple can get used to OLED technology, then we can agree that OLED is superior to LCD but as of now overall, Apples LCD display is better than its OLED displays, when factoring in performance, cost of repairing and the display itself.

    To be frank, the Iphone XR's camera is also better than the X, its just that the X has an extra camera who's job is to just zoom without losing picture quality which may not be a big deal to most people since some people dont zoom anyway as it still means you're losing picture quality, its just not as much compared to a single camera. So if you're a person who uses the phones camera alot to zoom on pictures go with the X, if you do not zoom as much go with XR as it has a single better camera. Weve seen Google Pixel prove how the single camera can be the best camera in a phone on the market.

    Moreover, the 3d touch is not a big deal breaker also, most people do not use it, and even if you do use it, the XR has haptic feedback which can replicate 3d touch, maybe right now its not to the extent you would like, but in the future with software updates, expect the haptic feedback to get much better to the point its literally the same as 3d touch, more or less.

    To conclude, the draw backs of the Iphone XR is negligible, however this cannot be said for the Iphone X. Not forgetting to mention the XR would be supported an extra year since its a newer device, this is important for those who uses their phone for around 4-5 years, the A12 processor also extends the longevity of the XR. Both phones also feel very premium in the hand, one doesnt feel more premium than the other, especially now that the X is now £800 instead of £1000. The XR's pricing can be still high at £750 but atleast it can justify itself more than the other Iphones since you see a big positive difference in battery life, bigger display for those who likes media/gaming content and the A11 processor in the X is the best in the market beating snapdragon 845 and kirin 980, so of course the A12 on the XR is going to be way better than all processors for another 1.5 years to come.

  3. Lacey McDowell

    I actually just upgraded from a X to the XR.

    – Started seeing 3D Touch as a gimmick that I never used.

    – Never really zoomed in while take pictures. Even when I did, it wasn’t all that great. That’s personal opinion.

    – For some reason I prefer the screen on the XR versus the X. Seems like my pictures on Instagram look better on this screen.

    – Dual sims.

    – XR is faster and snappier.

    – Better battery life.

    -I’m only paying $28 versus $47.91 a month for a discontinued iPhone.

    I’m done paying for superior Apple phones until they include some Samsung/android features and functionality and give me my money’s worth for at least more than a year. I think they should slow down on hardware and work on the software.

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