iPhone Xr vs iPhone Xs Max – Full Comparison

In this video we will do a full comparison between the iPhone Xr vs the iPhone Xs Max.

People are wondering whether the cheaper iPhone Xr has any chance against the more expensive and larger iPhone Xs Max.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

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35 Replies to “iPhone Xr vs iPhone Xs Max – Full Comparison”

  1. Troy Cruz

    I just traded in my XR for the XS max yesterday and I’m loving it!!! I loved the XR but the XS max looks so premium especially the gold color that I got an bigger screen with Oled screen. Both are great phones but if you have the cash go for XS max!!! I’m loving it!!!!!

  2. Prajwal Shinde

    I got my XR last month and let me tell you it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I compared it’s screen to the XS and there wasn’t any major difference at all!

    The battery on this phone is on a whole different level. It lasts me 2 full days for a moderate to heavy usage. In short it’s robust.

    Camera is absolutely amazing and with the smart HDR it’s pretty great with photography. I never miss the telephoto. Single lens does the job pretty well.

    Face id is pretty quick. Phone is very fast and does not heat at all (coming from an android).

    Phone is a bit bulky once the cover and screen protector is put on. The 6.1 inch screen feels pretty big and is good to use. Not for the person who likes to use his phone by one hand.

    XR feels as premium and stunning as the XS/X if not more.
    In my opinion, just go for it as it is the newer phone and the specs are also good as compared to the X.

  3. Traustey

    Need a quick answer.
    Money is no issue

    I currently have the iPhone XS Max and I’m wondering if I should upgrade to the iPhone XR. Don’t use half the features that XS has but I do like brighter screen. I want better battery life though. If someone could tell me what one is better for me that’d be great. Thanks!

  4. 1 234

    i have a iphone 8 plus and i think that the iphone xr is the one i want just because the colors and ive never hade jo home button so if you dont like it its less than the other iphones

  5. Abztraktt

    Only Apple Sheep will sit here and say a phone that cost more than a Galaxy s9 with inferior specs "not that bad" and "you will barely notice" bull crap

  6. The Myo Yogi

    Get an iPad Pro for content watching, sick of companies trying to make phones more than what they actually are, which is a “Phone” sick of paying jacked up prices for stuff I don’t need. Get a DSLR if you want to take good photos and get an IPad if you want a decent screen for content watching; how can you really enjoy watching a movie on a pathetically small 6.whatever size anyway. XR all the way!

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