iPhone XR vs Samsung S9 Plus – Speed Test!

Apple iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus speed test comparison!

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Sennheiser AVX ME2 Lav Mic:

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23 Replies to “iPhone XR vs Samsung S9 Plus – Speed Test!”

  1. Tahsein Mustafa

    Everybody is a samsung bias in the comments im watching on my s9 too but the iphone Xr won in most areas everybody stop being bias. And the youtuber was too ?????

  2. Rachael

    Unpopular opinion here. However I just traded in my Galaxy S9+ for the iPhone XR and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Downgrade as it may be I feel like the phone only has to be good at certain things. And I feel like iPhones apps do those things way better. Samsung’s messaging service sucks, all the alternative messaging services for Samsung sucked, all the keyboards were terrible. All of them gave me spelling errors constantly, most were extremely unhelpful and cumbersome. And even the home screen is so customizable that you can’t ever get used to it. And other home screen apps were still lack luster. I don’t care that the XR doesn’t take as nice photos. If I want to take photos I’ll buy a real camera for the same price as a new phone and take photos that are 20times as good as any phone ever will take. Sure it’s a little slower but not by much honestly I don’t even notice. And maybe it’s a little less bright because it doesn’t have the AMOLED screen but whatever. My apps work. That’s the point of a phone and to me apple does a way better job at making apps that work than android.

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