iPhone XR vs XS vs Pixel 3 | Portrait Mode Shootout

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We are excited to get our hands on the iPhone XR and see just how good that single lens portrait mode really is! In this video, we stacked it up against the iPhone XS and the Google Pixel 3. For a phone that costs the least, I think it packs the biggest punch with portrait mode.

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29 Replies to “iPhone XR vs XS vs Pixel 3 | Portrait Mode Shootout”

  1. Nick

    I have an s9+ and I hate when it uses the telephoto to make the portrait in the night… We should have the power to say if we want one lens like iphone xr or 2 like the xs. The low light portrait moe would improve a lot ?

  2. Tri

    For the XR, portrait mode I can't take a picture of objects. Would I be able to take a pic of an object but it just comes out as a regular picture as opposed to portrait or the XR doesn't allow me to take any pic at all?

  3. D.M.Turner

    I was a bit hesitant with the Pixel 3XL because I didn't think the colors looked quite as natural straight out of the camera, but their in phone editor does magic to bring it back. If you opt to shoot in RAW and edit in the LightRoom app it is amazing!

    PS I never even considered using a wide angle on the portrait mode…thanks now I have to buy a new lens!

  4. Juzero2 z

    I love the iPhone xr but what I hate is that the videos and pictures looks yellowish , the beutiful pink color of my clothes show up in the pictures in a horrible pink colors , or am I doing something wrong ?

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