iPhone XR vs XS vs XS Max: iPhone Buying Guide

Buying a new iPhone and not sure which is for you? We can help you decide between the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max.

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19 Replies to “iPhone XR vs XS vs XS Max: iPhone Buying Guide”

  1. jmelz155

    I upgraded from the 6S plus to the Red XR yesterday. This phone is dope. XS Max is better but there are really no big differences between them

  2. Mackin Cheez

    Lmao. All these people commenting on how the xr is for broke people. You need to stop smoking what you are smoking. All three of the new iPhones are awesome. They are all premium phones. The top top is the xs/max and one letter lower and very little difference to most people is the xr. Go for what you want and don’t listen to the cry baby spoiled brats. ??

  3. CBH Darius

    No such thing as can’t afford the newest iPhone unless you are dirt broke. If so you shouldn’t have an iPhone unless it’s really old! All you have to do is pay monthly that’s maybe 30 dollars a month! You’re also saving money! So please just got for the 10! I can’t stand that 10r! It just such a “I want to be like everyone else but can’t afford it phone” ik I’m weird but I can’t help how I feel about it.

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