iPhone XS and XS Max review

Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max are familiar territory with two key updates: a faster processor and an upgraded camera. Oh, and the XS Max has the largest screen ever found on an iPhone. But is that enough to justify the very high cost of the best iPhones you can buy?

Correction: Nilay misspoke! The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch display, not 6.8. The XS has a 5.8, and the XR has a 6.1.


Here’s a link to buy Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max:

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30 Replies to “iPhone XS and XS Max review”

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  2. Christian Rodriguez

    Iphone is modern day racism your concidered poor or lesser then if u dont got apple . Apple technology doesnt work well or at all with other technology groups. Apple cost more even tho its an inferior product

  3. Shirley Bauman

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  4. Joseph Dejesus

    I just bought an XS Max and I'm noticing videos(on YouTube for example) seem blurry. I thought it would be more refined and clear but it seems kind of blurry. Is this how it's normally supposed to be? I might take it back to apple to compare it to other XS Max's.

  5. Anthony Maestas

    The IPHONE XS MAX Bigger screen better display better picture and speaker sound quality? by FAR THEN PREVIOUS IPHONES IVE HAD 6+ 7+ and 8+ and this phone is by far the best


    Great review EXCEPT for the music & beat, very distracting & sometimes drowns out a word or two that could/might be important. Most have music louder than the material/speaker, fancy, but unnecessary!

  7. Kobe Stordiau

    Does anyone has also problems with the “tap to wake” or “raise to wake” feature? I sold my iPhone xs just because of that. It’s just too sensitive when using the iPhone. I like to grab my phone without the screen turning on all the time. I think i just gonna buy the samsung galaxy s10 with fingerprint reading. I used iPhone for a couple of years now, but just those two features are holding me back to use the xs.

  8. Aleksander Hoff

    The fact that Apple can't release this in an iPhone 6, or even better.. iPhone 5 size. It makes me sad. I want small phones, but to get a fast phone today.. it apparently has to be a big pe**s enlarger.

  9. Darren Lawrance

    Great review I’ve just ordered my XS MAX picking it up this week I’ve got the 7plus at the moment and I do like it so I’m looking really forward to my new phone ??

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