iPhone XS Max 4 Month Review

Here’s an update on my daily phone, the iPhone XS Max.
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31 Replies to “iPhone XS Max 4 Month Review”

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  2. Shane P.

    I just found this channel, looking for honest XS Max reviews and after a minute in, I can already tell you're a biased Apple Fanboy.

    Even Drew from Tailosive isnt such a suckup

  3. jwathas

    My husband and I both just made the jump from the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone XS Max and it's the best move we could have made. We're both so in love with the edge to edge display and we don't miss the fingerprint scanner at all. To be totally honest, the fingerprint scanner only worked about 60-70% of the time on my 7 Plus and I would have to manually key in my passcode the other 30-40% of the time, so the removal of the home button with the fingerprint scanner is no loss at all. The facial recognition has been significantly more reliable, at least for us. We also have found ourselves using our iPads a lot less since getting the XS Max. Yes, this phone is definitely a bit pricey, but we figured if we're going to have these phones for at least 2 years, we may as well invest in something we like and will be happy with. We both got the 256 GB version on monthly installments from Verizon.

  4. David E Johnson

    I’m very happy with my X s max! Had for about three weeks. This was an upgrade of an upgrade of an upgrade of iPhones. Blackberry very quietly went away, thus, I started with iPhone 4 and worked my way up to the Xs max. So far, ?!

  5. Dante Bradley

    The notch is not a big deal, but list different ways to hide it? Lol I wish people would be more honest and say that the notch is noticable, but tolerable. I don't care what anyone says, you NEVER stop noticing the notch! You just learn to tolerate it and your brain has this unique way of making it stand out less to you. I notice my iPhone X notch every time I pick it up lol.

  6. Sss

    Bro you sound like apple has your family. There’s a weakness in every phone. I’m just trying to find out what that is so I can make an informed decision

  7. kiramama

    Has anyone experienced a crack on the camera glass? Well I’m basically jaw dropped from finding out that mine cracked just like how the apple forums has been describing it to be. Have never dropped my phone ever, it’s 2 months old and the crack just appeared.

  8. Sean Logue

    Watching this on the Galaxy S10+ I was gifted by the guys at Samsung… I left apple last year thanks to the innovators at Samsung. Apple are nothing more than a RIP-off money grabbing company who cant even innovate. I'm so glad I left Apple in January 2018 and I'm not looking back! 🙂

  9. Chino Black

    Still rocking my Max love it love how my phone unlocks in the dark and yes no stupid headphone jack like the Samsung crybaby’s complain about love my AirPods

  10. So So

    That Beauty gate is serious if I knew the front camera was that trash looking like a galaxy cell phone front camera I would of just bought an iPhone 8 Plus.

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