iPhone XS Max – 6 Months Later

iPhone XS Max has been out for 6 months. I share how the XS Max has held up over that six month time period. #iphone #iphonexsmax #apple

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47 Replies to “iPhone XS Max – 6 Months Later”

  1. Emo

    Ok so I love my iPhone XS Max but honestly it's way too much money to keep like it's a better idea to get a car and your license or something rather than this. Any company charges you too much for it and I honestly should've just kept my S9+. That phone was way cheaper and worked better and I didn't have to pay for every ringtone.

  2. iPhone Guy

    For everyone who thinks the battery sucks.
    Turn on Reduce Motion
    Turn off fitness tracking
    Keep location off when not in use.
    Set your email to manually fetch
    Don't share iPhone anaylitcs
    Turn off iCloud drive.
    This is what is murdering your battery and lower your brightness.

  3. Bill Hart

    I think it’s nothing short of lunacy not to use a case on a $1500+ phone with a glass back. I’ve used Apple’s leather cases on all my iPhones, they’re less than 1mm thick and also protrude a fraction of a mm on the screen side so your screen doesn’t contact whatever surface it’s laying on. I like the feel and the wear of the leather over time. The glass back of the Xs costs $549 to replace, With AppleCare!! A handsome looking original Apple leather case costs $49, adds an unnoticeable weight and thickness to the phone and increases your grip. Pretty cheap insurance. To each his own.

  4. Jesse Lee III

    I like different cases for my iPhone XS. But worried about charging and over heating. Some of my case are hard to get on and off. I use wireless charging most of the time. How much damage will I do to my phone over time if I charge it with the cases on?

  5. Nights Only

    Told myself I wouldn’t buy this overpriced phone…. 2 months later I bought it… I’ve now had it for 3 months. Is it worth the price? No….. is it an amazing phone and probably still the best one out there? Yes

  6. George G

    I have the regular X and it already has an earphone speaker problem. Second time I've had this issue but Apple does replace it with no issues. But it still sucks I pay 1000 dollars with a phone with speaker issues.

  7. Петър Василев

    With battery, the key is to not let it drop bellow 20% (ideally 40) and keep it from getting very hot or very cold (the first one is obviously more problematic). Otherwise keep it in the charger as long as possible.

  8. Justin The Matrix— Jesus is King

    My iPhone X has this crack looking scratch in the middle. Only noticeable at the right angle but still kinda sucks. Got a case on it now cuz I got tired of people talking shit to me about it. Also nice to be careless and set it on things without worrying.

  9. Patchouli Sky

    Appreciate the video. I've been very happy with my Xs. Will probably spring for the bigger phone when the new ones come out, since I have ATT Next Every Year plan. However, I've never understood not using a case. And people that don't wear that fact like a badge of honor. I've used Otterboxes since the 3GS, and they have saved my phone several times. The nearest Apple store is 120 miles away, so even if I had Apple Care, it would still be a pain in the butt to deal with it. Thanks for the review.

  10. krb693

    Hey bro. I don’t get LTE issues, but I have major wifi issues. On multiple wifi networks. Is it that my device may have a problem?

  11. Jonathan

    Completely agree with everything you said about the XS/XS MAX. It will continue to be a brilliant phone for years to come. There’s nothing really I’d change about my iPhone XS, apart from a few software bits and bobs

  12. Jerry Chan

    With the latest update 12.2, my XR is still having connectivity issues (I think all latest iPhones may have this issue). This could be dangerous for people with emergency situations and don’t know how to troubleshoot/reestablish connection. If anyone happens to deal with this, put your phone on airplane mode for at least 30 seconds, and you’ll be connected again to make calls , text and internet. Apple rep said engineers are working on it but with no definite answer. Some reps are tone deaf and will give you a run around as this issue doesn’t exist. Purchase this phone at your own risk. You have 14 days to return it when buying a an Apple store

  13. y jimmy

    Just swithced from s8 to an iphone xs, now i'm done with the iphone and swithcing back to my s8. For me the iphone is not even close to galaxy.

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