iPhone XS Max – 60 Days Later

iPhone XS Max has been out for 60 days. I share details about durability, speed, battery life and the overall experience of using iPhone XS Max. #iphonexsmax #Apple #iPhone

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35 Replies to “iPhone XS Max – 60 Days Later”

  1. Abedo F

    I’ve been using 10s max for months now. Almost perfect. I think the price hurts it the most. I’d love a feature to help with one handed operation other than swiping at the bottom in order to reach the pull down menus. Must be a better way

  2. zed piecce

    I have this latest iphone and still buy pocaphone f1 for my best gaming experience…. I meaning emulating world….. I can't emulate ps2, Wii, gamecube….in my latest iPhone max… Despite all this super specs they claim….. I still go out to buy 360$ phone to that for me…. Shame on iPhone….they make me waste 1100$ on phone… Thinking with this specs…. They can do that for me…… I only take my iPhone to party to show friends that I am rich…. Why my desire are be completed by just 360$ phone…. I hate when phone talk create of iPhone performance…. And I can't use those performance….. It's really pain guys

  3. Tyrnial

    I own a Iphone 7 + and upgraded to an Iphone xs max and I can say it's a nice phone and all but the minor upgrades… it is not worth 1300euros… like dafuq mate I can buy a gaming pc for that amount of money. besides this what is new? new better camera, New screen that is nice but meh. and well that is kinda it lol nothin more special just some small features. I bought the phone because of the good reviews on the internet saying a huge difference enz. And I was pretty dissapointed. Besides this the Iphone 7+ (steel back) feels way better. nope not worth the 1300euro price tag

  4. Mike Marti

    On one of your videos, you show the weather channel as a widget on the lock screen. I cannot get my XS max to do that. I followed your instructions. Could you tell me how, thank you

  5. Fire Montana

    Idk if it last 5 hours def more i went about 10 hours with no charge straight usage, this is probably the best iPhone i’ve had, (between iPhone 6s , and 7 and 8 plus) im glad i’ve purchased this

  6. Bacon Grease

    Price=nonissue. If you are unable to afford an iPhone and pay cash for it like I do you shouldn’t have one. There are so many options (good ones to!) for 300$ to 600$. For real. I won’t ever make a device payment or contract again!

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