iphone xs max camera lens replacement] guides

this video we want to show u how to replacement lend camera iphone xs max

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35 Replies to “iphone xs max camera lens replacement] guides”

  1. HomestarAK

    Jesus this is an absolute hack job. Please don’t ever pretend you know what you’re doing. I’d be shocked if you could wipe your own ass without tearing that up too.

  2. Slime Season ひ

    Why tf the side of your phone green? 🤨

    Probably from that torch you put up to it so close, discoloring it smh.

    This may be the worst DIY video I’ve ever seen. Everything about it is terrible, from your dumb methods to how indelicate you are.

    Sorry dawg but issa no from me

  3. Deven Thompson

    Nice video on replacing the camera lens. I remember when I had to replace my camera lens on my iphone, this shop in the mall charged me an arm and a leg. I recently ran across this website to further protect my camera lens in the future. This may help. http://www.glasslenz.com

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