iPhone XS Max Camera Review | Photographer's Perspective W/ Sam Elkins

Meeting up and shooting with one of the best photographers on the new iPhone XS Max

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26 Replies to “iPhone XS Max Camera Review | Photographer's Perspective W/ Sam Elkins”

  1. Terry Breedlove

    Was going to keep my 7 plus for another year but I dropped it in the river and it disappeared. So I have the XS Max with 256 memory on the way. Can’t wait to see the photo and 4K quality

  2. Troy Hatton

    I have a Google Pixel 3 and an iPhone XS and the XS camera is a major let down to me. Portrait Mode on the Pixel is so much better. The detail retained on low light is way better and most pictures with people look over softened and they appear to have excess grain. Hoping Apple catches up with the iPhone 11.

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