iPhone Xs Max Camera Tips, Tricks, Features and Full Tutorial

iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs have fantastic cameras. It is a dual camera setup. As such you get two cameras. Combined these two camera’s give you one of the best smartphone cameras in the world. So why not master every tip, trick and feature available for maximum satisfaction? In this video I will give you a full tutorial on the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs camera so you can enjoy it fully.

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49 Replies to “iPhone Xs Max Camera Tips, Tricks, Features and Full Tutorial”

  1. Lukas

    Is there a big difference between 1080p 60fps and 4k 60fps? Talking mostly uploading to instagram or facebook or viewing on phone

  2. J R

    i always have live on. its such a great tool to use if you know how to. to bad you didn't show for people who have no clue

  3. Wayne Switzer

    Many, Many Thanks for this wonderful and informative Video. GREAT Job. Just purchased the XS MAX and had no idea the power involved and smart storage tricks.

  4. Marielle Valenzuela

    Very good. But I wish you had used a Max. There were a number of minor differences, but it made it hard to follow at times. When I changed the video to 4K @ 60 the format automatically changed to high efficiency. My HDR setting says Smart HDR, not Auto HDR. There are quite a few little differences it would seem on the Max. This was published less than 6 months ago, so these things we might expect to be up to date.

  5. boyka Almond

    I only have a problem with portrait mode. After focussing and everything i take the photo and it looks like a potato. Not clear its just like super sharpened that makes like you used and app and sharpened it million times

  6. MissHannah2036

    Great review, I learnt a few things I didn't know and discovered a couple myself. When you go into camera-photo at the bottom the Rotate, Filter and another one like a sun/light dial and discovered it has even more options for Light, colour and BW. I don't tend to use those features much but there is the odd occasion when I have a great photo and it is to dark, works a treat.


    Great video man, I learned SO MUCH, I’ve been on IPhones for YEARS, but never take the time to mess with or learn about camera, AMAZING, thank you so much!!

  8. Misc Stuff

    Saki or readers, can any of you help? To the point, live video output from iPhone XS to external monitor (or video switcher) via 4k lightning to HDMI cable has black frame all the way around image making using it for a live stream, well…not good. Using Filmic Pro, but it seems to be a function of iPhone's output, not the app. Don't think it's related to aspect ratio since the black frame is equal all the way around the image. i.e., there is no cropping, just the black frame with the full image inset. Is there a way (via settings or some sort of scaling device?) to get video output from the iPhone that "fills" a monitor's screen? Thanks to all!, J

  9. Mr Cr

    I’ve been using the iPhone xs max for a few days now. I’m particularly interested in the camera. I also have the galaxy s9plus I bought for one reason and that is the way they advertised the camera on it. As an iPhone and galaxy user I can tell you that the camera on the galaxy s9plus is much better over all, I think. Specially in low light areas. Also slow motion is a-lot slower on galaxy. My conclusion: is should of just kept my galaxy s9 plus.

  10. Carron Annelise

    I really hope the rumors of apple killing this phone aren’t true.. the build quality and the weight of the phone is perfect>>>ur2.pl/1256 the edge to edge screen is super beautiful.. att ship my order really fast and had it the next afternoon thank you att and Apple I can’t say enough about this phone

  11. gosia m

    Hi, thanks for Great video. One question – how to make photos for a full screen? I still have black bars on top of the photo and at the bottom. Seems no different to my old iPhone 7

  12. Maxkyle

    My XS is taking wildly different sized images. It has been taking 3M images. This morning I took 2 images that were 26M. What?!! What am I missing here. Isn't the camera supposed to take 12M photos. Why so small and so large?

  13. Lukas T

    thx for the vid! offtopic: why do you have the ugly looking calculator app on your homescreen when it‘s so convenient in the control center. same goes for the camera app and time! itunes Store app on the homescreen?

  14. feat25hakim

    when you switch from 1x to 2x angle, it still using same lense (wide/top lense) even it zoom. but when you switch to portrait mode it only switch to tele lense for 2x angle.

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