25 Replies to “iPhone Xs Max Cinematic 4k Video | Oahu, Hawaii”

  1. Sir Kay

    What lens, ISO settings, filters, LUTS did you use? what frame rate? how did you manage not to get any noise, there were clips where you were in shades and we that really shoot on iphone know for a fact soon as any iphone gets caught in the shadows, it's lights out: videonoise everywhere! and yeah even with the ISO turned all the way down to 22. So, was this footage really shot on an iphone? if yes, please answer the questions above. And you got "hours" of battery using Filmic pro? I'll like to know what unit your time is measured in 'cos and someone who primarily shoots on an iphone using Filmic pro 4k log profile, ain't no way you're getting more than 10-20minutes max. And goodluck getting those colorful images too without having a thorough background in colorgrading.

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