iPhone XS Max Display Replacement – Complete Disassembly and Reassembly

While the newest iPhones got a bump in water resistance, they aren’t any more drop resistant. So today, I’m going to show you how to replace the display on your iPhone XS Max.

*You should know that swapping out your screen will result in a loss of the true tone.

*Before you begin make sure you follow the step by step guide on our website it has lots of tips and tricks to make the repair easier.

*Make sure to drain you battery below 25% as a charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured.

Learn how to apply adhesive on your display here!

Watch here to see how to apply adhesive to your battery!

Get your Replacement Display here!

Make sure you follow the guide for all the details!

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24 Replies to “iPhone XS Max Display Replacement – Complete Disassembly and Reassembly”

  1. Brandonb8621

    Question…had my screen replaced today…now the 3d touch for flashlight and camera on lock screen will not work..but haptic touch works for everything else…whats going on?

  2. Giandomenico Graziano

    è stato già smontato precedentemente, il video lo devi realizzare con un iphone mai smontato con le guarnizioni ancora integre.. cosi sono bravi tutti.. infatti è li che si rompe, con uno già aperto in altri contesti non da nessun utile , io li riparo per mestiere e so cosa dico

  3. maxmixer

    Its a pity you dont show anyone how to use a $20 true tone programmer, instead of showing this easy to do guide ! It's a lot harder than that also to open an iphone that has not been done before ! It would have been good to show Noobs how much adhesive is in there, instead of just promoting your own products which are not even needed 😉

  4. Attack012493

    Did my first screen replacement today……. it was hard because one of the screws didn’t want to come out. But I finally got it out and replaced the screen and did the waterproof and swapped everything over and it all works! Also I was worried about Face I’d not working but it still works!

  5. coroyacar

    If you really want to save money, don’t even buy these screens to repair it yourself, it’s more expensive and more risk. Apple’s repair is actually cheaper than to buy the screen.

  6. i wahab

    hello the best youtube channel ever… i replaced the screen of my XS then lost the face ID, it says « face id is not available » any easy fix for this issue… they say restoring the phone with DFU mode and itunes would fix it… but i wanted to ask experts like you

  7. martintij

    has anyone tried this yet? I have 2 xs max, one with cracked screen wich works fine, and the other one restarts every 40 seconds, I switched the screens with front camera and sensor and touch screen wont work on either. I if put them back to its original logic board again the work

  8. Gurkirat Singh

    You can't maintain water resistance after a repair. Those phones are factory sealed and vaccum packed and you compare that with glue! What a joke.

    Don't trust me, no worry, do the repair this way and do the extreme water tests mentioned under ip68 rating.

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