iPhone XS Max – Real Day in the Life Review!

It’s finally time to to see how the iPhone XS Max holds up in a real world review. Spend the day with me and the Max and see how the battery life, performance, dual cameras and more perform.

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38 Replies to “iPhone XS Max – Real Day in the Life Review!”

  1. シシ あれ式

    pretty good phone i’m still rocking it for 2 years now as my daily driver n i play a lot of games daily over the last 2 years since i’ve had it

    battery health is around 88% but that’s cuz ima heavy user n i also play games while my phone charging

    nonetheless good device

  2. Arkhalis

    Why do you need to set your phone on the stand for gps when you’ve got your navigation system in the infotainment screen in the car?

  3. W7N

    Did Apple fix it so it doesn’t cover your games and stuff??? I’m about to get 11 Pro Max and don’t want to get this $1000+ phone and can’t even see some of it 😂

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