iPhone XS Max Review (2 Months Later)

After about two months I’ve finally feel comfortable sharing my full review of the iPhone XS Max. iPhone XS Max on Amazon ▶︎

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20 Replies to “iPhone XS Max Review (2 Months Later)”

  1. Andrew Allen

    I have the XS Max and I agree that it is pretty dang hefty. I also wish as you mentioned towards the end that Apple built in more functionality and features to utilize a display this large

  2. Jake Lake

    shame on you Apple because of infringed on Qualcomm patents on total of eight patents related to managing battery life have been infringed upon

  3. Alvin Mah

    Battery life is too short. I can’t listen to music with a earpiece while charging my phone. The R&D is really terrible. Apple needs to up their game

  4. Kelvin Eng

    I first got the XS for 20 days and was longing for the bigger display of the max because I was envious of other people I saw using it out and about. I then exchanged it for the xs max and for the first couple of days I was like damm this phone is huge and heavy and wanted to return it right away. I stuck with it for another 10 days to give it a chance and then finally exchanged it back for the iphone xs. thank god for a business account! My thoughts on the max are that it's next to impossible to use comfortably with one hand which I find myself having to do in many situations as hard as I try to limit my smartphone usage. I found myself not wanting to take out my smartphone when I was standing up on public transportation because of the fear of dropping the max. Even when you're sitting on a bus next to someone, if you're two handing a phone you're being inconsiderate and eating into your neighbors space with your elbows. It's also an ounce heavier which doesn't seem like much but it's noticeable enough to weight down your jacket pocket and will make your hands in sore if you try to use it with one hand (googles workout for pinky). Yes the screen is huge and immersive compared to the xs but I would still not want to watch a movie or any video for too long on it because that's what large screen monitors and ipads are for. Along with that comes the poor optimization of screen real estate for the max on ios 12, why do I still have the same number of icons on the max, why do I see the same amount of text on my max when browsing web pages and where's my customization ability. I don't remember complaining about my huge android phones I was using just a few years ago. To sum it up I believe the purpose of a smartphone is to use it when you're out and about and not have it weigh you down, the price shouldn't be the issue when deciding between the max and the xs because you're already paying out the nose for either one. It should really be around the question of how much time am I really going to spend playing games and watching videos on this phone and am I willing to lug around a bulkier phone for that expansive experience. I now watch other people outside having to two hand their max all the time and having to keep their phone in their pocket and even seen what I believe as regretful looks from max users wondering why they didn't get the xs. I just one hand my phone and smirk as I use the other hand to hold my sandwich 🙂

  5. Adam Lensky

    Go to the gym and the problem of "handling your device for a long time" will be gone as you will get stronger and spend less time with your shitPhone

  6. Matthew Goodwin

    Great review however not upgrading from the iPhone X till they make a design change. I was more impressed with the Apple Watch 4 upgrade. I have the watch 3 cellular and I feel the watch will grow bigger as the years go on and the iPad taking Mac sales.

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