iPhone XS Max Review – The Truth

The iPhone XS Max one week later, is a really great phone. Killer performance, awesome camera for photos and videos, stunning display… It’s excellent, but this all comes at a very expensive price. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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36 Replies to “iPhone XS Max Review – The Truth”

  1. Sergio Marquez

    Switched from a MATE10 PRO to a Iphone xs max, heres my review DONT FUCKING DO IT. Save your money and buy the freebuds, or just go for the huawei mate 20 pro and freebuds.

  2. Rizal

    Before I bought my Iphone Xs, I had thought of choosing the Max BUT it is not for me. So I preferred the convenience of the smaller one because of my small palms. And now I am very much satisfied! And it has the Product Red silicone case on!

  3. Delayed

    What is inovation to Android phones?
    A:better structured OS, more freedom for users, better camera, micro, fingerprint in the screen and many more personalization

    What is inovation for apple phones?
    A: Removed headphone jack, added a glass back, shitty OS…

    GB apple I won’t miss u

  4. Big Fred

    Yea at this point…I’m gonna wait to upgrade from my X. I think the iPhone 11’s will be more of a upgrade from this X. Especially with iOS 13 right around the corner! I’m gonna get the big boy iPhone 11 Maxx! Everybody going head over heels about the S10’s. Their good devices but the OS of Samsung! Nope! Not doing it! iOS is so much more polished and thought out!

  5. Jake Mill

    Who is so stupid to buy a 1250 € phone without radio, hexacore, 3174 mAh, without 3.5 jack, with a 7 MP selfie crap camera, with 208g of weight?????!

  6. Emil Lugovoy

    Its very simple! There are a few phones that are a shit ton better than the latest iphone by value and performance! Huawei mate 20 pro, xiaomi pocophone f1, ASUS Rog, xiaomi black shark helo. Keep in mind that android is fully customisable but ios u cant do much, its like being locked in prison not many possibilities but on android u do whatever u want epecially if ur good at coding!

  7. musiclover6948

    Apple needs to offer the 128GB options for the new phones. no one buys a 500+ GB phone…and 64GB is just way too small unless you just use it to call and not take any photos and videos

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