iPhone XS Max Unboxing! (Launch Day)

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40 Replies to “iPhone XS Max Unboxing! (Launch Day)”

  1. YaBoyNormsVlogs

    I JUST got the iPhone X about 3 months ago and Apple had to drop a “new” iPhone that’s just exactly the same phone in my hand now but just a bigger display?!

  2. bakerland111

    I agree with you 100% on the fast charger being included in the box. Not really for me , because for the past 4 – 5 years I haven’t used any of the accessories they pack in the box. All of my usb chargers are 3rd party chargers anyway. That way get the fast charging capability for much cheaper. But they should include it anyway, for lots of users it’s a bonus.

  3. T Griffin

    I'm surprised you got the Max, last year you were saying the 10 was the perfect size and that Apple didn't need to make any phones bigger than that going forward.

  4. JandDFLIXS

    Legit could of re-uploaded his IPhone X unboxing video and would have barely told the difference. Good ol’ Apple, same shit different year, bigger price tag

  5. lovelygeminibren

    The iPhones are becoming more of a Samsung copy and all that shiny ish gonna scratch easily so I’m gonna miss the matte brushed metal finish, I’m not really feeling the look of it but the bigger screen is nice

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