iPhone XS Max Unboxing & Overview (Gold Color)

iPhone XS Max Unboxing& Overview with sample pics shot with the new iPhone this has a 6.5″ SAMOLED Screen comes with the new A12 bionic chip has dual 12MP rear facing camera and a 7MP front facing camera.

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28 Replies to “iPhone XS Max Unboxing & Overview (Gold Color)”

  1. Shapa gamer

    ئەیفۆن 10 ئێکس ماکس بەس ئەیکاتە پاسۆرتی یەکی چوار دو هەزار بەس ئەیکاتە ئینگلیزی باش

  2. Jwdepwdey Tailor

    Hello sir…..I m a big fan of your YouTube channel…sir I am tinku chakma from a small hilly state Tripura (northeast India)sir ..we the tribal people we need to struggle for our lives… and sir here life is very hard..and sir we always suffer from money shortage problems and now sir I don't have any smartphone for my online classes and sir my days are passing on and in these lockdown I can't attend the classes..so sir if you can help me please send me a phone…so that I can attend my online classes… and sir phone sasta honese bhi chalega
    Sir…… Love from NorthEast India ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Randy Raja

    Indians listen… iPhone XS Max is 90% of iPhone 11 Pro Max at half the price..
    My previous mobile was iPhone SE and I switched to this phone
    This is a BEAST even 2 years later.
    There are only 2 kinds of mobile you want to buy right now:
    1) snapdragon mobiles (high end in 700s and 800s) which are less than 2 years old if you’re looking for android
    2) iPhones which are less than 4 years old

    And iPhone XS Max is the best bang for the buck mobile right now.. I mean it used to sell for over a lac when it launched.. its around 68k now.. in retail you can bargain for 65k or even less for 64 GB
    IF you have credit card, you are even luckier so you can but with emi like I did

    If you’re upset with the whole “China” situation right now and do not want to pour money to a Chinese company, there are only 3 options
    Samsung, LG or Motorola

    Out of which only LG and Moto have snapdragon phones
    I have a bad experience with LG in the past so can’t recommend that. And moto phones are super high end (looking at you moto edge and razr)

    This iPhone has got Amoled HDR screen and A12 Bionic which competes with the latest snapdragon android phones.. and camera is awesome…
    like I said in the beginning.. it’s 90% of iPhone 11 Pro Max which is the best phone right now.. at half the price..

    And if you are a gamer like me, it helped me a lot to improve my K/D ratio in CODM.. before this phone, my stats was around 2. Something.. this phone helped me aim better and faster as the gameplay was so buttery smooth and now my K/D ratio is 4.13 which is pretty high for CODM standards…

    And don’t even think about getting Samsung phones:: they used to be really good but their exynos chips are so bad now even in South Korea which is their home market, they are using snapdragon chips… (USA, Canada and South Korea are the only places in the world getting snapdragon versions of galaxy phones … )
    So investing in high end Samsung phone whose exynos processor will not work as good in 1 year or even less is a bad investment imo..

    Go Apple.. it’s a money devourer yes.. but you won’t ever regret it..

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