iPhone XS Max Underwater Test ?

Testing out the iPhone XS Max underwater!
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27 Replies to “iPhone XS Max Underwater Test ?”

  1. mint hos

    But water damage isn't covered in standard warranty. So why apple paying these peeps to advertise something that will lead to water damage ? isn't this unethical marketing ?

  2. Jo Shmo

    It may continue to work , but this will break faceid!!!! DO NOT TRY THIS LIKE I DID!!!! Not cause I watched this video but just cause hearing about how it could be submerged and be fine I gave it a try along with my series 4 watch. The series 4 holds up great as long as you keep locking it and resetting it by rotating the crown. But my iPhone XS Max is now toast thanks to me thinking it would be cool to do a bunch of under water videos in the wave pool . Hope this helps save someone out there . ✌?

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