iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9: Too little or too much?

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The iPhone XS Max goes up against its main big screen competitor, the feature-packed Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

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49 Replies to “iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9: Too little or too much?”

  1. Martin Terreni

    I worked in technical support for years and it was the same with MAC vs WIN. We called the MAC "computer for idiots". It has almost no problems and you have no means to ruin it doing stupid staff. Also it works grate. That means, though, that you can also not tweek it or personalize it as much. Same here. Are you a geek looking for a phone that lets you do anything you imagine? -> go for android. You want the supper top phone and you want it to "just work"? -> go for Iphone. I, personally , am an android person. I want to be able to make my device suit my own needs.

  2. Juan Cervantes-zamora

    I had a three iPhones 8 plus which day came out defective and I return them from Verizon which pretty much I wouldn't never get are not iPhone unless I have a lot of headache pills cuz iPhone equals headache stress you name it Android 100% note 9 one of the best

  3. Sjay!

    I switched from IPhone 6 plus to note 8 n then note 9. Never looked back. Esp in India the price is insane for apple devices. iPhone xs max is worth Rs 150000 while note 9 is 65000 only. No brainer.

  4. ifonerage

    After owning both, 2 weeks in the iris scanning just gave Irritated my eyes. So I had to return it plus I didn’t like the placement of the finger print scanner.

  5. Reed Douglas

    The difference between the two phones now falls into a simple principle. I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Why pay so much money for something that doesn't have the feature package

  6. Mickael Laine

    Why is no one talking about the true user expierence between theese phones?
    All android phones are laggy after a few months.
    And they dont´t feel as smooth as ios.
    When scrolling on websites it jumps further or shorter sometimes.
    Android phones has all theese hickups here and there.
    Camera won´t work or an app crashes here and there.

    The biggest argument to choose android over ios seems to be features and customization.
    But no one seems to use those features.
    And most of the android users has the same layout.
    4-5 apps in the bottom with google searchbar over, some space up to the clock/weather widget.
    And appdrawer to the right ano/or appdrawer with an swipe up.
    The widgets are often a joke.

  7. Alpha Wolf

    Note 9…Easy…I have both at the same time…Gold Max and Black Note…
    I hardly use my Max, very muh, boring….ok camera I guess.
    The Note is truly light years ahead… feature rich and practical!

  8. devourtheirsouls

    I have S9+, I'm planning on buying an iPhone xs max, but not selling S9+ right away, but keeping it for a while, to see how much I can get done with iPhone and then resell if i don't like it and keeping my s9+ until next gen

  9. trstnhn

    For me, the comparison between S9 and iPhone XS makes more sense. 
    (I know, XS will compete with S10, not S9, but that just seems so unfair so I'm using S9)

    Why? Because, they are both small sized phones and their offerings are catered to the small size of the device.

    However, once you go up to the XS Plus, it starts making sense a lot less. XS Plus is basically an XS with a bigger screen and nothing else. Samsung's Note line offers so much more than just a bigger screen, and therefore, XS Plus cannot hold a candle light before Note 9. If you really want to compare iPhone XS Plus with a Samsung phone, the more realistic comparison would be with S9 Plus.

  10. Anthony Wall

    I have both, but my iPhone is my daily driver. About 90% of my friends, family and clients are IPhone users. Only makes sense for it to be my go to tool. FaceTime and iMessage makes it so easy to stay connected, and those two features are worlds above anything stock on android when it comes to staying connected.

  11. Ryuji K

    Well I look in this way.
    1 – storage there is no argument that note 9 is ahead besides you can swap cards as you want to.
    2 – headphone Jack yeah for me is a big deal, I use it quite a lot.
    3 – sound quality, from the AKG to the stereo sound on note 9.
    4 – multi task watch video on youtube/read something on Facebook the sky is the limit here.
    5 – battery life 4000mA there is nothing else to say.
    6 – theme your phone as much and as you pleased, I was not in to it but after I start is quite nice to have your phone with a new look.
    7 – S-pen and this is to seal the deal, take photo, scrolling on chrome, watching a video everything this pen do now, I am amazed by how much it has changed since my first note 5.
    8 – that's something personal to me I don't feel ok with that little black strap in the top, it is not symmetrical it just not pleasant to see.
    9 – battery life you can save battery depending on how much you want, ultra mode is outstanding to save you for an emergency.
    10 – 3 ways to unlock your phone, digital, iris and face recognition, there is only one way on iPhone and somehow on my mother's bugged so she can't use it anymore thanks apple.
    11 – price and to me there is nothing better than pay less for more, in my country Brazil it cost around 3.7k up to 5.5k note 9 while the iPhone is 9k+ up to 10k.
    So no thanks iPhone, hell yeah note9

  12. phil brown

    IPhone possibly better camera definitely better video recorder software updates for much longer on iPhone only 2 years on note 9 hoping Galaxy can do better as I am an Android user so stop bullshiting there's a lot of things that iPhone does better

  13. Kevin Milam

    I first saw those videos when those phones came out last year & it showed half of things that iphone had note 9 did not have & note 9 had half of things that iphone did not have so its even

  14. Brian Mills

    Both iPhone XS Max and Sammy's N9 are great phones, but for me it comes down to my experience. I can't go back to iPhone because I actually use the S-Pen, I split the screens to stream video, while working on something else. I feel like both are expensive phones, but switching to the Note lineup, I find I just don't really use my MacBook anymore. Everyone uses their phone differently, but the Note allows me to just do more. I switched from Android a few years ago, because I just felt iOS was more efficient and the apps were more developed. However, I think that Android had narrowed that gap, to the point that now value the Android custimization more. Also, Samsung's software has gotten a lot better to, making the Note 9 IMO the most complete smartphone for the power user.

  15. Noah Hargrave

    I have a note 9 and I can do absolutely anything that I want and some of the features that some people would argue but I would use once or twice and never touch again would be wrong because many of the features are practical and things that I never really realized that I wanted in a smartphone. I love my note 9 and will have it for many years

  16. imin a

    Am an apple fan boy i have everything apple ,trust me even if apple invent a sex doll i would buy it!! But my iphone is so dumb i agree iphone is so secure but galaxy9 is 10 years ahead so much of innovation!! Apple have zero innovation it copy everything from everyone n call it revolution i agree apple watch n ipad pro nothing can replace those but iphone is shit im shifting to samsung bye iphone im sure the iphone 11 will be 2000$ with a fster processor and nothing else!! If apple ever innovate like samsung apple phones will be 5000$ im so disappointed with my iphone !! Bye iphone im shifting to samsung after feb 20

  17. Christo

    Full of Samsung bullshitters on here ,your phones lag so please don’t
    Say otherwise ,you receive updates very late and the camera is over saturated .
    Not only that you need so much ram to satisfy the heavy os and bloat.
    Your all full of shit.
    From an s8plus s9plus and note 4 ex user
    Xs max is a simplified powerhouse with arguably the best camera on a smartphone ,always updated guaranteed for at least 4 years and highest benchmarks and blows everything away with the A12 Bionic processor .
    Used android since ice cream sandwich and had countless phones including Samsung’s huawei htc nexus pixels and the Xs max has to be the best I’ve owned and believe me I’m fussy .
    The only phone I would have over this is a pixel.

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