iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9!

iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9 – Full Comparison! iPhone Xs Max Review coming, but is the iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9 a fair comparison? Comparing camera, specs, quality, and more. Check out my Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone Xs Max review! ▶Subscribe:

Most Satisfying iPhone Xs Max Unboxing Ever…

iPhone Xs Max Unboxing –

iPhone Xs Max Photo Gallery –

Note 9 Photo Gallery –

▶▶Note 9 Coverage▶▶

Note 9 vs iPhone X:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Top Features:

Galaxy Note 9: YouTubers REACT! –

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30 Replies to “iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9!”

  1. Olson De Asis

    My father can afford both but he's sticking with his Samsung keystone a less than $20 phone. Kinda waste of money for getting those expensive devices and I Probably should follow his path but then again I'm using a Note 9?

  2. Pramit Sen

    Note 9 ❤️ … Iph is sucks in front of Samsung S & Note series . Samsung rock . Just see after 2 yrs Samsung will be no 1 brands in mob category .

  3. Ameer Ali Ouarda

    F-Stop Bokeh Depth control is different to Samsung’s background Blur as seen since the Note8.
    Apple aims to emulate a full computational lens model that ingests and understands what’s in a scene and then applies a dynamic effect that distorts as it gets further from the centre object/person hence why you can get ‘bokeh balls’ unlike the Note8.
    It adjusts the depth of field from f-1.4 to f-16. This requires a higher amount of power enabled by the A12 and more advanced software. It’s not just 2D background blur.

  4. Franxisco Fajardo

    Sabemos bien que el Samsung Note ?es el mejor por muchas razones desde el diseño y todo lo que tiene, el iphone es como el viejo dicho (crea fama y echate a dormir) sigue siendo la misma pendejada desde que salio el primer iphone pero la gente que lo compra cree que traer un iphone es lo mejor, pero Samsung va adelantado como 3 años por que el iphone 10 tiene lo mismo que tiene el note 5, y para acabarla de chingar al iphone le quitaron el auxiliar, que estupidos! Me quedo con mi Samsung note 9 ?

  5. Andrew Adams

    One of the best phone comparison review I've seen. I personally have the note 9, I was a iPhone user for years prior to getting the note 9. I really like the note 9 offers a lot that I like. I do miss my iPhone sometimes but like you stated both phones are going to be a good choice regardless.

  6. Nrfa

    Terrible comparison! The note 9 has a 6G 128 or a 8G 512. Last I knew, no iPhone even came close to these. You didn’t cover these bc of this, and was saving the XS Max from huge embarrassment.

  7. Dirty Asian Mafia

    I'm not a smartphone power user tbh I pick the iphone XS max. I used to be an android fanboy who bashed apple for everything. Now I use an iphone 7+ and couldn't be happier with my switch from an LG G6

  8. Bearbo

    Leave the specs ,?let chinese do that.
    Look at both the phones they are the bugatti and rolls Royce in mobiles ??❤️❤️
    Iphone xs max my love?

  9. Alize Edwards

    I will never choose the note 9. The way it’s built just looking at it is ass. The picture is overall better on the Xs and that’s all I really care about. iPhone all day!

  10. Billy Bob

    I read a comment saying I hate the notch and love the s pen. For me at least, I like the notch and hate the s pen. Why are we arguing about which is better, we should be glad we have the freedom of choice.

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