iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 11 Speed Test!

iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 11 Speed Test! Hello all and welcome to this speed test comparison between the Apple iPhone XS Max and Apple iPhone 11. The intentions of this speed test is to run both phones through a series of tests to give you a general idea of how they differ. The A12 Bionic and 4GB ram on the iPhone XS Max is incredibly powerful, but the iPhone 11 features a newer and even more powerful A13 Bionic and 4GB of ram, but is it enough to outshine the XS Max? That’s the aim of this video. If you have or had the iPhone XS Max, please share your experience with the community to help new buyers in their research. Also if you have purchased or used the iPhone 11 consider sharing your experience below. As always, thank you for watching 🙂

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48 Replies to “iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 11 Speed Test!”

  1. vasu dev

    You get the point when you see XR and 11 or sale for insane cheap prices and phones like X, XS, Max are better discontinued instead of selling it for cheap.

  2. Marieto Live

    I still don’t get the point of seeing witch app opens and loads faster it’s not like ur going to be getting chased by a serial killer and it’s gonna be a life threatening thing if the app doesn’t open faster then the other one lol it’s not like ur gonna have both anyways 😂😂


    Here in India xsmax 256 is only like 70 dollars costly than 11 128 gigs… I think it's pretty easy that one should go for XS max… That Oled makes a world of difference… I have Sam note 9 and I can't watch the screen of my brother's 11 for more than 10 mins

  4. EgoKiLLer Yaa dig

    iPhone XS MAX 512gb or iPhone 11 256gb in regards to watching movies/shows, taking pics/videos, listening to music with ear phones/speaker, water resistance depth, battery life and durability?

  5. Guy Nado

    you need to compare them with apps that use multi-core processing. The single core speeds are pretty much the same by spec and most simple apps use single core processing. I would like to see the comparison using graphic or audio applications.

  6. Akshay Das

    Im planning to buy an i phone which or worthful for money?which one i choose?as per my choice is ip Xr 128Gb….have any suggestion…plz let me know

  7. Samy_06

    If the IPhone 11 and the xs max are priced similarly, what are the pros of getting the latter, besides the visually great looking display and better build quality?

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