iPhone XS Max VS OnePlus 6 – SPEED TEST!! (अब मजा आएगा?)

नमस्ते दोस्तों! Today I’ll test ONEPLUS 6 against the Apple iPHONE XS MAX! Can the ‘Flagship Killer’ kill an iPhone thrice it’s price?

OnePlus 6 offers the best hardware on an Android phone and it’s just 35,000 Rs. One the other hand, iPhone XS Max costs whopping 1,09,900 Rs, but on paper the specs look similar to OP6! In-fact the RAM is smaller 4GB compared to the 6GB/8GB RAM of the OnePlus smartphone. But in real life, really OnePlus 6 is better than the iPhone? See yourself!

Original video (English):

by Sukesh Banik (Owner & Creator of Gadgets Portal)

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6 Replies to “iPhone XS Max VS OnePlus 6 – SPEED TEST!! (अब मजा आएगा?)”

  1. Nikku Kurrey

    yeah 6T is nice because it support Android OS..I like android more than IOS..but here of course Xs Max is better than oneplus..bro you have done speed test..but screen of oneplus is looking better in your video..also Xs max looks Premium..that's why it looks stylish an I like it..

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