iPhone XS MAX vs OnePlus 6 – Speed Test!

iPhone XS MAX vs OnePlus 6 Speed Test. A speed comparison between OnePlus 6 vs iPhone XS max including Apps opening, Browsing, multitasking & more.

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26 Replies to “iPhone XS MAX vs OnePlus 6 – Speed Test!”

  1. klimon531999

    This is impressive but imagine what the Snapdragon 855 could do against the A12. Both 7nm chips would be impressive to see against each other. Especially when the OnePlus 7 comes out.

  2. Alexander Terwogt

    That beautiful animation that makes the XS Max slightly slower with opening apps like the phone and settings can super easily be turned off. It would probably be just as fast or faster than the oneplus 6 with that setting

  3. Raul Budi

    I’ve been a heavy user of apple products ever since the iPhone 3GS, and my last iPhone was the 7 Plus. I switched over to the OnePlus when it was launched and loved it. However, recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of issues, firstly the camera, it is not the best everyone knows that I didn’t expect it to be, but for me the camera app doesn’t even load anymore it’s a black screen. (Phone was sent back to OnePlus for repair they replaced the camera and still same issue) Secondly the battery, I’ve got no real problem with it other than the fact that sometimes the phone overheats badly when in charge to the point where I cannot hold it because it’s too hot. And lastly, this more on app development, and that is the play store apps are not all fully optimised for the OnePlus yet, which for me it can get annoying especially when you’re trying to get a perfect wallpaper or whatever. Other than that the OnePlus for me has been great, I can’t see myself going back to iPhone relatively soon unless their prices drop to the £600-700 mark for the top specification phone.

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