iPhone XS Max vs Pixel 3 XL: Choose Wisely

iPhone XS Max vs Pixel 3 XL: Choose Wisely
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It doesn’t get more heated than this! Today, we’re putting Apple’s iPhone XS Max up against Google’s Pixel 3 XL. Let’s get ready to rumble!

-Google Pixel 3 XL Specs-
Android 9 Pie
6.3” display, QHD+ flexible OLED at 523ppi
12.2MP dual-pixel rear camera
8MP wide-angle and normal FoV front cameras
Snapdragon 845
64GB or 128GB storage
Dual front-firing stereo speakers
3,430mAh battery
Pricing: Starts at $899

-iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Specs-
64GB – 512GB ROM
Super Retina HD display, 5.8-inch 2436‑by-1125 or 6.5-inch 2688‑by-1242
A12 Bionic chip
Dual 12MP wide-angle and telephoto rear cameras
7MP front camera
Face ID
2,659 mAh or 3,179-mAh battery

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21 Replies to “iPhone XS Max vs Pixel 3 XL: Choose Wisely”

  1. Saez Rosario

    Lockdown?no way in hell i would ever buy iphone? you know what else its funny my HTC u 12 plus its faster than that iphone and pixel together and it a little bit cheaper and its underated devices

  2. John V

    I’m a I phone user and they are both great but I would go with the pixel 3xl google software is way great. I think we give Apple to much credit. I’m actually giving up mine to go over to pixel. Feels good to be out of apples control.

  3. Tek Minion

    When i had my Pixel 3 XL, I had constant Bluetooth issues. The device would not stay connected to my car, my watch, or headphones. The device would not be able to connect to more than one device at a time, unless i restarted the device and even then, the connection would only last a few secnds before my car would have to try an reconnect to to my devices, it was very annoying so i returned it and got my Iphone XS and have not regretted my decision.

  4. Captain Obvious

    Don’t get me wrong, the XS Max is a great phone. But it’s too overpriced and not worth it’s STARTING PRICE of $1,100 for a mere 64GB. I hope Apple learns something from they’re $7 Billion loss

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