21 Replies to “iPhone XS Max vs Pixel 3 XL: Comparison Review”

  1. David Commenter

    This whole smartphone industry has become absolutely ridiculous and insane in my opinion. We are wasting the very limited resources on this planet just for a freaking new phone every year? I wish we would stop this consumerism. Capitalist "logic" will take us to being left with a planet we don't want to live on or cannot live on because it's so contaminated and polluted. Future generations might ask: "Ok, so you basically fucked up this planet so you could upgrade you phone every year because it became the purpose of your economy to build little surveillance toys that distract you from what's really important in life..?!" Ecologically my guess is, the point of no return is already reached. All we could do now is pull the break to slow down this mess of an industry and economy. (Not only in terms of smartphones..)

  2. Jeff Hamilton

    I trade in my pixel 2 XL for the iPhone XS Max, was considering give it to the wife and getting a pixel 3 xl. I really miss the always on display for my bedside clock. But after watching this video I’ll stick with the XS Max and see what pixel 4 has to offer.

    I prefer android but I’ll admit the build
    Quality of this iPhone is superb

  3. Melley Marx

    I have been on the fence about the iPhone XS Max and Google Pixel. I've been a long time apple fan and have wanted to make a change to a solid android phone but couldn't make the change due to the exclusivity of apple (i have an apple watch, airpods, macbook, etc) so logically speaking, it didn't make sense to me to get an android. But when i saw the Google pixel, I was open minded enough to make the change, even if it meant me selling the airpods and apple watch. I found it to be a unique type of android (probably because it looks identical to an iPhone hah). Then when I played with both phones at the store, I couldn't get over how much more dimmer the pixel was vs the iPhone, even at it's full brightest capacity. So, i'll probably stick to the iPhone…

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