iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & S9 Plus!

iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9/S9 Plus! Is iPhone Xs Max Better? Processor, Features, Cameras, Battery Life, Full Comparison!
Which Should You Buy?

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49 Replies to “iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & S9 Plus!”

  1. Chantel

    Apple: let's take away the headphone Jack, not include airpods and make people spend more money on airpods.. oh yeah. Let's also offer a pen for more money.

    Samsung: keep the headphone Jack, put headphones in the box AND include a s pen with the note phones
    …. hmmm

  2. Chantel

    I just upgraded from the Galaxy s8 to the Note 9 and I am glad I went with the Note 9. I used to be a die hard apple user. But Samsung is SO MUCH BETTER and way more advanced in their technology.

  3. Olivia Anderson

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  4. CB

    Guys, it's a desperate way of telling people that IPhone is still a competition in 2019, come on, every year they are selling the same shit with a promise that it's better than the competition and every time they fail. Suddenly Apple understood that their users are looking for a bigger display, and … they will sell the same shit on a higher price just because… they say it's better.

  5. Shan Iqbal Adviser

    In 2 line make your choice..

    1: iPhone 6/7/8/X/Xs (Security High, Professional, Excellent, Smoothness, Feel Different) (My Fav)

    2: Samsung Galaxy S8/9 (Professional, Beautiful, Not So Much Smooth, BOdy Okay, Too Much Access To Every App)

    My Choice: iPhone Xs

  6. Mike Minor

    "This" = Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for some reason you always say the name of the iphone but not the Note 9, so just listening to this presentation is confusing.

  7. Randomizer

    This guy is completely bias towards apple products. Considering the name of his channel. So if you are looking for a channel where there is no biasness, this channel is NOT FOR YOU. Unbox Therapy is probably the best none bias YouTuber.

  8. Eric Soto

    I'm not a Apple user or a hater. Never owned a iPhone. I have the note 9. And it's the 500gb 8 gigs of RAM model. With the tax I paid $1,367. AT&t branded. I will try apple one day. But I don't think I can leave Android. There's just so much you can get away with LOL

  9. Jared Pacheco

    Samsung is better, there is a lot of topics he missed even looked at his channel name he's an apple fan and the chip and other thimgs of samsung are better than apple so stfu and stop making memes because samsung has always been better

  10. Jasmine Amer

    Lol I love how tall people talk about reachability. I am over here like : the only phone I might be able to use only one hand is a flip phone…. lol

  11. Lema Jr

    What are you saying?? You cannot confirm for sure that a12x is faster than snapdragon 845. Snapdragon runs full fat windows 10. I am certain that if you use that a12x to run android, it will be slow af. Apple doesn't even use a12x for their MAC PCs. They borrow the processor from intel. the only way I will be convinced that a12x is faster is if it can run android or pc better than snapdragon 845. I also bet that snapdragon 845 can run IOS faster than even the A12.

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