iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Benchmark Comparison

Who will win!? This is the ultimate benchmarking showdown between the Samsung Galaxy S10+ with the Snapdragon CPU and the Apple iPhone XS Max with the A12 Bionic.
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27 Replies to “iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Benchmark Comparison”

  1. Rich Dollars

    Had the S10 plus since launched switched to the iPhone Xmax . So far only thing that bothers me is that the s10 plus makes every other phone screen look shitty!!! Plenty of my friend had iPhone Xmax and when I would borrow the phone I couldn’t really tell. That being said , now that I own and iPhone X max wow this screen is shitty??? Hopefully the new iPhone will be better or my eyes will adjust. I’m a phone junky so I will probably jump to the Note 10 before the new iPhone drops in September

  2. Gary Bob

    if your iphone hasn't slowed down enough in a couple of years apple will 'update' it and slow it down for you so you have to buy a new iphone. Samsung left this 'feature' out of its phones.

  3. ricky v

    It’s good to see CPUS on phones get faster and better. Really, if the device does what we need then it’s still useful. That’s what I say.

  4. Onenasty306

    I love when the iPhone barely wins…it blows away the Samsung. When Samsung blows the iPhone away..Samsung won this round…. Move an iPhone app anywhere you want on the screen without it forcing them to be where you want

  5. Wonder Lamb

    Lol this comment section is full of fanboys. Although I don't like apple as much as I like Samsung, they're still both a waste of money. I bought a OnePlus 6 for £200 and it performs more than better. Spending so much on a phone is such a waste of money, and it doesn't make you cooler in any way.

  6. Sofly213ks

    The iPhone still runs smoother then android. Every year it’s the same. Android phones still carry the same damn lag.
    Lucky Samsung came out with the galaxy fold cause that’s where I’m headed. My iPhone will be my side kick! Aka jailbreak!

  7. N. P.

    I somehow find these benchmark reviews kinda useless. Wonder how many people even care or know about these couple of hundreds difference in benchmark score let alone what benchmark score means. 99% only care about design, camera, battery and features.

  8. Kourtney Johnson

    I’ve been with iPhone for seven years I don’t know what to do because I’m torn with even the thought of ever leaving Apple but Samsung has really stepped it up I can’t choose

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