iPhone Xs Max vs Xiaomi Mi 8: Speed Test

How does Apple’s latest and greatest phone the iPhone Xs Max go up against the copycat Android phone, the Xiaomi Mi 8? Which of these 2 flagship phones will win in this Speed Test? Find out in this video…

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25 Replies to “iPhone Xs Max vs Xiaomi Mi 8: Speed Test”

  1. Jsp 193

    I think that the mi 8 is a good option for a high end smartphone this 2019, considering the release of the mi 9, mi 8 is going to drop in price.

  2. romain2740

    crazy, mi 8 at 400 dallars is faster then iphone at 1200 dollars !!!

    It's the same with face unlock vs face id. Ok face id is more secure, but im not donald trump. I prefere a faster face unlock less secure !!!

  3. komPo

    IOS is just so bad that system doesent use power, android is wellmade, thats why it causes to use more power,
    Adreno 630 better than IOS gpus

  4. Proud White Man

    Ich have the Mi8..but the iPhone is a cpu Monster…For the price i dont need it..i dont play Games ..and other stuff ist fast enough…the Cam is very good too..i buy the Mi8 because my Last Phone was iPhone 6s ..and this Cam is much better. Try the Xiaomi..its a Monster For the price.

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