iPhone Xs Max: Why I switched to the Note 9

Apple’s iPhone Xs Max is a great smartphone, but it’s not the best smartphone for me. Here are the major reasons why I’m switching back to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.

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37 Replies to “iPhone Xs Max: Why I switched to the Note 9”

  1. Techisode TV

    I stand corrected! You CAN move multiple apps at once on an iPhone. Long press an app, then long press it again and start moving it around your screen, then tap other apps you want to move and you can move the batch. Not as intuitive, but possible. Thanks to the handful of people who commented to tell me about this!!

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  2. Frank HunInvader

    Here is 2 more what I hate about the iphone (I have it) vs Android phones. Try this.
    Turn on Youtube app on the iPhone. Dont start any video, just stay on the scrolling list. Flip it horizontal. Yep. It will not flip to landscape. Do the same with Podcast. Yep, it will not flip. Ther are a whole lot more other apps that do not support landscape mode on the iphone, which is just downright dumb.
    This drove me nuts recently as I started using an iphone again a few months ago.

  3. ian walker

    I genuinely think that it is whatever suits you best, personally, i own an android phone and also an iPhone, they both offer a more similar experience than some people think. I know that customization is a thing with some people and they like to do things that iPhones cannot. However, some people really don't care and they simply want a steady reliable phone and for these people, the iPhone suits them the best.

  4. Rene Delgado

    Just a heads up, that pull down on the home screen on iPhone that shows your suggested apps is also on Android. You just need to I install Nova Launcher from the Play Store. I know that's not "stock" Android. However, that's kind of the point. You buy Android so that you don't have to use "stock" anything. Nova Launcher makes Android go from better than iPhone, to vastly superior in my opinion.

  5. Gino

    I switched. Why? Because when I spend #1200 I wanna have the best phone available on the market. The note 9 is probably the best all around phone I've ever seen. The camera is top notch, the display is the best you can get (literally, it's so good Apple buys their screens from Samsung) the battery gets me through the work day with nonstop YouTube watching. It charges from 50% to 100% within an hour. The customizable interface is just unrivaled. The phone can do legit animation. I sketch in my free time and it can do as many layers as you want. I can keep going… but before I'm done. It doesnt cost me $599 to fix a cracked screen.

  6. crimsonlightbinder

    when you see that iphone side by side with any android high end hpoen, be it samsung, sony , huawei it's just a silly toy. Iphones are now how nokiaswith symbian used to be in 2007 when the original iphone came out, awkward and obsolete

  7. Eric Bell

    around 1:40 … a better example might be those long texts you get for 6 digit TOTP numbers that you need to quickly copy and paste from A to B… they always come embededded in the middle of some epic sentence explaining to you what the numbers are for(which i've always thought is dumb for security reasons… wouldn't the real user already know why the number is being generated?) …Great vid… ppl with iphones know their phone is subpar but are usually invested so heavily in the ecosystem they cant pull out… i work in I.T. as a sys admin and i constant joking i got for buying my 1st iphone straight out of college after owning blackberries for a decade and change was the iphone 4s in a dope otterbox case. (great security/dog/telecom camer)…

  8. J Kelly

    have the X, and a pixel 2xl….i used to sim-swap quite a bit. But then i became reliant on the awesome imessage system. so much that i havent touched my pixel in 2 months. then my wife got me the apple watch 4 44mm for christmas……its amazing. hate that i switched because i've always been an android guy. but i gave up on the ancient SMS system android goes on. and sure, the smart watches are probably even but i love where i am right now.

  9. Aaron P

    On the iPhone XS Max you can select more than one app at a time you move one slightly then select the other ones you want to move at the same time if you want them all on the same screen.

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