iPhone XS vs GoPro 7!

GoPro 7 Black ➜
iPhone XS ➜

Apples vs Oranges (get it.. 😉 the latest and hottest cameras compared side-by-side, iPhone XS versus GoPro HERO 7 Black!
In this camera test, I compare 4K 60fps, 4K 30, stabilization, audio, photos, HDR, and more.
My two questions for you, do you think the average consumer even needs (or wants) an action camera nowadays? And if so, what are the best use-cases for GoPros?

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My Gear Used In This Video:
Main A-roll camera (Sony):
4K B-roll cam (RX100V):
Dual camera mount:
Selfie stick: + tripod legs:

Electric Unicycle KingSong 14D:


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Considering transcribing/translating this video to help our global Authentech Family! Thanks so much!

20 Replies to “iPhone XS vs GoPro 7!”

  1. The ProCut

    I'd like to see an update on this video, I have an iPhone XS and want to get a new action cam and can't decide. the hero8 have no replaceable lens cover is a bit concerning

  2. 欅坂46 OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL zyanaiyo




  3. v l

    both aren't good. lots of pixelation on both sides – poor quality,… and if you start moving faster, the pixelation will increase :(, not good

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