iPhone XS vs Huawei P20 Pro | Side-by-side comparison

We compare Apple’s iPhone XS with Huawei’s P20 Pro side-by-side, stacking them up for camera tech, performance, battery life and general specs.

The iPhone XS is Apple’s incremental upgrade on last year’s Apple X, with a speed boost and new 512GB option – but as far as specs and software go, that’s about it. Meanwhile Huawei’s P20 Pro is one of the best smartphones of 2018, boasting a tri-lens camera and stunning design.

So which is the greatest mobile between the iPhone XS and Huawei’s mighty Pro? Here’s all you need to know, and stay tuned for an in-depth camera comparison between these two premium phones. You can also check out my unboxing and ultimate tips and tricks guide for the iPhone over on Recombu, while I’ve compared the P20 Pro with the best Android devices of 2018 here on Tech Spurt.

29 Replies to “iPhone XS vs Huawei P20 Pro | Side-by-side comparison”

  1. Milko Youbinguila

    Apple are good huawei are good. What change is just the style. We can't do the same phone , Samsung have is style Apple too but all this phone are very powerful . But I prefer Apple sorry

  2. Ralph Vincent

    Apple give us updates that our iphones become faulty, why not make them suffer as well? do not buy any iphones for 5 years. I bought 7 iphones and since iphone 7 out did not purchase, and here all my 7 phone got faulty by updates. battery that drain so fast, wifi so weak that you need to go to the router 5 inch in order to connect.

  3. Motti Bembaron

    Huawei is by far a better phone. Just a side note, the P20 night mode is absolutely amazing. I got mine through a carrier for $460 CDN but even when bought on Amazon the Huawei is $900 CDN compare to $1,500 CDN for the iPhone. No comparison whatsoever 🙂

  4. Dani Wayne

    I switched from X's to P20Pro. Both phones are great but you get a lot more for the money buying the P20Pro for sure ! If you have MacBook then iPhone could suit you better but other than that Huawei is better overall 🙂

  5. calpilot7

    Android is for third World consumption where price is the primary determining factor. iPhone is much more polished as a product. You have to pay to play though…the Apple is pricey but so much nicer than the cheapo half baked science project that is Android.

  6. Lol Meme

    I don’t have any of those phones, I have an iPhone 6, I’m looking to get a new phone so I’m here now. My personal opinion is that the iPhone is very very good, however the Huawei P20 Pro is much better. The fact that you can remove the notch is a wow factor to me and also, the battery life is astonishing.

  7. Zahra Harmali

    technically speaking if you do pay double the amount of cash for anything, it definitely should be superior, however this is not the case with iphone vs p20, hense why this vid exists… I say that enough is proof to the superiority of the p20

  8. Dreamcatcher_11_

    the hoewii is a deal breaker without sd card slot. it bogles my mind how android phones pass design phase without sd card slot! in 12months that p20 is worth toilet paper! while the XS is still selling for 800-900 in the second hand market. i always sell my old iphones and buy newest iphones that are 2-3months old. and yes fuck apple for overcharging their custumers but they still dont really have competition in the highend segment. apple is a man playing with boys.

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