iPhone XS vs Huawei P20 Pro – Which is Fastest?

Speed Comparison of revolutionary camera phone Huawei P20 Pro with iPhone XS!

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21 Replies to “iPhone XS vs Huawei P20 Pro – Which is Fastest?”

  1. Bruce Von Conz

    du bisch sicher nit ganz gschüttlet, chasch doch so nit vergliche, alteee! jo nei aso echt, überleg doch mal, prozess sind komplett andersch! wenn s App offe isch denn muesch vergliche aber sicher nit de Start du bisch sicher en Trottel!!!


    Bro software of p20 pro is not bad at all, it seems like you haven't used it but it's one of the most feature packed software and the ram management is great even in even in my 4gb ram phone

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