iPhone XS vs iPhone SE iOS 12 – Speed Comparison!

New iPhone XS vs old discontinued classic iPhone SE with latest iOS!

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46 Replies to “iPhone XS vs iPhone SE iOS 12 – Speed Comparison!”

  1. jonah travisano

    Considering you can get an SE for about $150 it hit kills Xs which is coming in at more than a thousand….yes there's no doubt XS is the better phone but I don't think it's $800/ $900 the better phone.

  2. 640

    Apple take notes: spring 2019 SE 2 with A11 Bionic and an all-screen design…it's going to be a huge seller at $400-$500!

  3. Allwyn Christopher

    SE is great, apple should have maintained their outer shell design as SE for all their other and upcoming models, When they tried to copy samsung and others in outer shell design that is were they lost a huge market in the world, reason is outer look is same as samsung and the price is too too high, 60% to 70% of mobiles sells depending on outer looks.. hope in future they will go back to outer shell design as SE

  4. Neo

    Thank you for doing a good comparison. Most of these comparisons never do heavy apps like games.

    The SE is amazing!

  5. Geison Blax

    To process simples apks they are the same. You are going to see the difference when you start to open more than 2 or 3 apks at the same time (and apks that requires a high capacity of the hardware).

  6. Alexey Pavlov

    I bought a 32GB SE for just 250$. Another one for 300$, but 64GB. Both new of course. This is a great price…but every other iPhone for 1000$ is just ridiculous!

  7. giobikefans

    Have an SE. It's not flashy but it is a solid phone. As a dude I don't want something that's so big that it needs a purse to carry around. What I'd like is an SE2 with dual camera on the back and OLED.

  8. Lui Peres

    Watching from my 2 y.o. SE. My phone's display is a little bit shattered. Since it's too costy to replace it, I might just buy a fresh new SE this christmas.

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