iPhone XS vs OnePlus 6: Really Close Comparison

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Here is a comparison of the OnePlus 6 and the iPhone XS. A low-priced flagship vs a highly priced flagship. Let’s see which one comes out on top! Enjoy!
▶ OnePlus 6

▶ iPhone XS and XS Max

▶ OnePlus 6 Icon Pack:

▶ OnePlus 6 Wallpaper:

▶ iPhone XS wallpaper:

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32 Replies to “iPhone XS vs OnePlus 6: Really Close Comparison”

  1. Yesnier Merced

    mans said battery history. now u reaching. fact is ios does not have much at all that andriod should have, but ios should already have dozens of the features that andriod has had for a while now.

  2. bonghy

    Hmm…Long story short.
    iPhone XS: You pay $999 for a phone that is blazing fast with features you'll hardly or never use (iMessage, Smart Home etc.)
    OnePlus 6: You pay 1 third the price for a phone that is blazing fast with features you'll hardly or never use.

    I think anyone with a brain can make a sound decision on this one. The only real reason one might want to go for the iPhone is superficial prestige that makes people either go, "Wow, he/she can afford an iPhone" or "Wow, another spoiled brat with an iPhone." :3

  3. devashish chauhan

    for camera performance simply install a google camera app on oneplus 6 and see how the coin flips. It captures so much more details than the oneplus own camera app. Its my primary camera app now.

  4. arpit prajapati

    Can you tell me please how to get the same settings, applications and data same like old android phone? As ios has the same feature. And of we login with same id in other ios device we can get all the settings applications and data like old device.

  5. Thomas Bramwell

    This wasn't a very good review, for example, he went down the road of comparing the cameras on both then said if you like a selfie camera that doesn't smooth your face out slightly then the 1+ has the better camera. Like just forget the back cameras or any other features that make the iPhones camera way way better than the 1+. cmon man 6:04

  6. Raw Milk

    Whoah whoah whoah, did he really just say 4GB ram is not enough for an iPhone lol? That's so wrong. 4 is plenty for an iPhone. That's like an android having 6 to 8 gb. Let's not forget galaxy s9, pixel 3, and some other 2018 flagships have 4 gb.

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