iPhone XS vs OnePlus 6T vs Pixel 3 vs LG V40! CAMERA TEST

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This was my biggest camera comparison test ever! Side by side; photos, video, 4K 30, slow motion, audio test, front facing selfie cam, and more! #iPhoneXS vs #OnePlus6T vs #Pixel3 vs #LGv40

Place your votes below! 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place overall??

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My Gear Used In This Video:
Main 4K camera (Sony):
4K B-roll cam (RX100V):

Side-by-side camera mount:
Selfie stick: + tripod legs: + JOBY Ballhead:
Magic Arm:
Double Ballhead clamps:

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37 Replies to “iPhone XS vs OnePlus 6T vs Pixel 3 vs LG V40! CAMERA TEST”


    Again. I just love the bokeh, the lens flare and the translucent, the gradient shadow and the cinematic soft film look texture it produced on the v40. The s10, 6t, pixel 3 and iphone xs cannot produced. The V40 produced such professional image.

  2. Gino Guillermo

    Hi. I supposed you had updates since doing this video. But Between the 6T and Pixel 3 (&2) which one excels in the audio recording whilst taking a video? Which one takes better portrait shots and stabilization? Takes natural/warm-ish / less overexposed photos? And which one is better with the overall speakers output? And is better in the audio department when you connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones? Cheers.

  3. Yoga RP

    Iphone x Win over all
    1.Iphone X
    2. Pixel
    3. Lg G4
    4. One Plus

    Colour on LG and One plus is Over saturate and not natural. Their stabilization, detail, and texture also bad.

    For detail i trust Pixel but for video overall Iphone X exactly. Iphone use OIS , pixel use EIS. Iphone use cost to quality not trifht with software.

    btw i am using Google Pixel

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