iPhone XS vs Pixel 2 Camera Comparison: Does It Beat the Pixel 2?

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The iPhone XS recently arrived boasting of some great camera specs and features but most iPhone XS reviews have suggested that it still does not beat the Pixel 2 camera. Well, is that true? We pit the iPhone XS vs Pixel 2 camera and see which is the best camera phone right now.

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38 Replies to “iPhone XS vs Pixel 2 Camera Comparison: Does It Beat the Pixel 2?”

  1. Mzwandile Harmans

    -Rear camera day light = 50/50, xs good in zoom too.
    -Rear camera low light = pixel slight better
    -Rear camera portrait = xs
    -rear camera video = xs
    -Stabilization = pixel
    -Audio recording = xs
    -Front camera portrait = pixel
    -Front camera video = xs
    Pixel =3.5 points
    Xs = 4.5 points, xs wins. Samsumg would fail in this test

  2. TechStop

    In each of the photos the subject seems to deliberately move towards darker areas which could wasul blend in with the background in case of the pixel 2.

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