iPhone XS vs. Pixel 3 camera shootout

Does the Google Pixel 3 or Apple iPhone XS have the better camera?

Watch the Pixel 3 take on the iPhone XR:

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32 Replies to “iPhone XS vs. Pixel 3 camera shootout”

  1. luqman laji

    Both are awesome.. but i know i will get the best price for SECOND-HAND pixle 3, then ipx ???

    So my vote goes to pixle.
    Now im still using pixle 2xl (sexond-hand) ,??

  2. Radu Verdes

    I'm a Pixel 2 XL owner and I have to admit, Iphone is better in both photo and video tests.
    Google, pleeease make some magic improvements for funky white balance and colors, crashed shadows, highlight rendition, microphone quality and video department, thank you ! Great review CNET , congratulations. ?

  3. jin

    If you're the selfie/aesthetic kind of person who loves to decorate your instagram feed with photo's having completely unrelated captions and an excessive amount of hashtags, then the Pixel is perfect. However, if you're more of the vlog/movie type of person who likes to do a bit of film editing, travel vlogs, or record their friends doing dumb shit then posting it on snapchat, then i recommend the Panasonic P2 HD AJ-PX380GF 2.2 MP Camcorder, only $10,500 on Amazon.

  4. Z Tariq

    12 megapixels + software tricks and we are happy to spend that much heavy for it…. Why not to buy a DSLR with no bugs/software issues :-p

  5. tek magar

    Honestly to say that iPhone cameras always natural and better than any other smartphone even tho they are expensive. People only hate to iPhone because of price.

  6. SuperDuty Zack

    Having my iPhone XS Max for a week now I’m not impressed with the camera at all. I actually think the 7Plus had a better camera. The auto smoothing the XS does is horrible.

  7. Will Newcomb

    2018 cameras are really close unlike 2017. Yes Pixel's Night Sight wins out but o/a I'd call it a draw especially with the XS brilliant video capability. Pity the XS software is still only out of the ark.

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