iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 Review // Don't Buy the iPhone?

iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL. The best review and comparison you’ll find on the internet. The twins battle it at between the two best smartphones on the market. Which one do you prefer? Watch for the full review! Includes Camera Comparisons!

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35 Replies to “iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 Review // Don't Buy the iPhone?”

  1. Me E

    The iPhone X camera is more wider and colorful and the pixel is more brighter and clearer To look at especially with the new dark feacher thing I don’t know what it called but it all depends which one you like more.more color and wider view for the x or more cleared to look at and brighter view for the pixel.

  2. Epic Algerian Videos

    dont compare iPhone xs to the pixel 3xl
    because there is no comparison here the xs kick the ass of the pixel 3xl in every single category even the camera in my opinion its fair to compare the pixel 3xl to the iPhone xr and even in this comparison the xr will kick the pixel 3xl in the ass
    for information i'm an android user.

  3. W B

    IPhone scratches just as easily as every other phone. It's not better glass. Still scratches on a moe scale of 6. The sapphire* glass on the camera lens scratches as a 6 too… Still a better phone than the pixel though.

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