iPhone XS vs Xiaomi Mi8 vs P20 Pro vs OnePlus 6 vs S9 Plus – Gaming Comparison!

GTA gaming comparison of new iPhone XS vs Xiaomi Mi8 vs Huawei P20 Pro vs OnePlus 6 vs S9 Plus!

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43 Replies to “iPhone XS vs Xiaomi Mi8 vs P20 Pro vs OnePlus 6 vs S9 Plus – Gaming Comparison!”

  1. Adil Alkanzy

    iPhone will always runs games better than android because apps developed specifics for iPhone unlike Android with different hardware and different version of OS.

  2. TheBf666

    This game is poorly optimized on android phones and hasn't been updated in a while. It would be best to test out a brand new release such as asphalt 9 legends. Very heavy game, graphically intense and well made for all phones. It could show what these new phones are capable of.

  3. Matthew Harper

    You think the oneplus has a better display than the samsung…….are you high? The optic amoled in oneplus phones are just rebranded 2nd rate 1080p Samsung amoled panels, it can't hold a candle to a QHD Samsung super amoled. I'm not a Samsung fan, but have to admit their displays in the note and galaxy S lines are 2nd to none.

  4. teal'c kree

    Why on earth are you still using this ancient old game to test the performance. Get some newer games that is more optimised for today’s 60fps capability.

  5. A Is

    I mean even if you set the graphics all the way up they're still gonna look much better on the iPhone
    Performance wise, incomparable!

  6. Davout

    not only Xs has the best performance on this game but the best graphics oh man plz try something more optimized for Android or at least something more GPU and CPU hungry cuz here we are only seeing the great IOS hardware and software and the poor android optimization

  7. namedem

    Order Meizu 16th, he is the most playful of ordinary Chinese flagships. Camera better oneplus and xiaomi! Best phone, only bad lack of nfc.

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